Booking a disney home and what to look out for


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I'm considering booking a holiday to Disney world. Three years ago I stayed at a Disney world hotel and we wasn't impressed, too crowded, busy and was unpleasant.
Given the current situation with covid and what else may turnup my friends have told me to book a vacation home close by to Disney, this way giving more options ie universal studio's and the small parks etc
What are the pro's and con's to renting a home compared to a hotel
What should I look out for when choosing a company to book with as there are too many out there and some look, well dodgy! and hide extra charges


Hi Frank

We're staying in a rental villa later this year and I'd always go with a villa over a hotel because I can do what I want, when I want and I don't even have to get dressed to do it! We do a big shop when we get there and feed the kids before we head out for the day. Sometimes we make sandwiches. We often rent a BBQ and I have my hubby get some huge American steaks!!! I can buy some booze and sit out by the pool in the evening and enjoy a cocktail and not have to worry about high bar prices or closing times. Plus my kids love a pool. I've stayed in hotels where the pool was less than crystal clear. Never had that problem with a villa. As for who to book with, definitely look at reviews. We did and it definitely influenced our choice.