Cleanliness at villas


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What are companies doing to keep the villas clean and ready for families when vacationing at your villas during these difficult times ?
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I was informed that they are blocking the homes for 3 days after departure before cleaning crew goes in. Before next guest arrival the property inspectors are re-sanitizing the property ( remotes, door knobs, handles, surfaces etc.).


Its very important when booking to ask the reservations department their protocol and how they treat and departure but all of the companies i know of have something similar to a 3 day gap after departure. This clearly gives the cleaner a safer place to work to get the property ready for the next guest.
I know for a fact when we get to our villa in August I will be wiping down surfaces, door knobs, remotes etc. I'm sure it will already have been done, but it will give me peace of mind for my kids.