Florida and corona virus


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We have had our booking with Airbnb cancelled and the way we was treated was disgusting. We are looking to book but this time with a more reputable company. What is the current situation with corona and the lockdown in America
Has anyone else been effected

joe Uk
We're not visiting until August, so hoping all this is done by then, but I'm worried we'll get cancelled on too if Coronavirus is still a problem then. I'm told that at the moment they are on lock down, parks shut, restaurants shut, beaches shut. Least the weather is good!


Sure Disney and Universal will be open by then, they have to be or they'll surely never open again. I'm confident June they'll be open but I'm sure we'll all have restrictions for years to come...
I wonder how they are going to manage the sheer amount of people they usually have? Plus, I'm not sure I want to sit in a seat directly vacated by someone else!! Wonder if they'll have the staff wiping down seats/handrails etc?