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I have a family member that is a nurse and is looking for to stay in a vacation rental to not expose her family to possible illnesses, is she still able to rent a villa with the Florida vacation rental ban, she works in a hospital in Clermont?


As far as i know you can if you're an emergency worker or care worker. Just heard the ban on vacation rentals has been extended which doesn't help the industry at all... hotels are allowed to be open but i guess the governor feels they're lower risk than a vacation home with a private pool. Work that one out... she might need a letter to prove she is a nurse which I'm sure would be easy. Apparently stays in vacation homes for a month or more are allowed as well... i also know homes are going pretty cheap so wish her all the best and from my family at least thank her for the work she is doing.
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Lilly Woodridge

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I was just about to book a home for my family for 3 weeks wanting to check in on Monday. So now hearing this is not allowed, however I can book for a month? We live in Florida and thought a 90 minute care drive to a "safe house" would be a good idea.
Homes being so spacious I thought would be great for our family of 6, with a change of scenery and a pool and games room a very safe option I think.
Still hoping to book and will just book the month if this is our only option.............
We're not travelling until August - so hoping all this will be done by then - however, a month in a vacation rental sounds really good!


So the ban for Lake, Osceola and Polk has been lifted. Polk was delayed, for some unknown reason they applied to the DBPR with their guidelines and it was incorrect which isn't great as it cost them rentals for one of the busiest weekends of the year.